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My Shaping Method

   The design of a golf course can be as varied as the architect who designs it. This point in particular holds great attraction to me. My background in Illustration and Sculpture allows me to view the design as an "artistic exercise". Unlike a soccer field, or a base ball diamond which have stringently controlled dimensions, a golf course is free formed and allows for creativity and variation.

   Each property destined to become a golf course often has it's own geographical personality. Other properties must be manipulated and massaged to create contours and movement that produce challenging and pleasurable play of the game, as well as aesthetic beauty. 

   Like the property it's built upon, the concept of golf itself is looked at differently by different designers and architects.

Each attempting to bring out his own vision of what the game of golf could be.

   The Shapers job must be an unbiased approach. He must adapt his work to the designers concepts, thereby turning the vision into a reality.     David Ashe

David Ashe, Legend Arnold Palmer, Architect, Reunion Golf Course. David Ashe Master Shaper.
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