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David Ashe, Master Golf Course Shaper, Sri Lanka Golf Course

 About me

   Master Artists create in their own individual medium. Some work with oils, some with wood and others shape clay. Some break the mold altogether.

   That’s the case with David Ashe. He is an accomplished artist who has adapted his skills to sculpt the earth itself.whose canvas is the earth itself. Known as “SLICK” by friends and those in the industry; David is one of the most well respected "A" shapers in the country. He studied commercial art at Bellarmine College in Louisville, Ky, then to Black Hawk art institute in Colorado. It is this artistic training that he brought to the golf course industry when he began shaping in the late 1980’s.

   While doing freelance work for United Parcel Service, TNT Motorsports and the Louisville Zoological Society, he landed a job at Irvin Golf Construction. “I dug ditches, shoveled sand; hard manual labor.” David said. “Before long, word of my artistic abilities spread and my co-workers would pay me to draw their children, wives, and even their favorite comic book superheroes.” It wasn’t long David began using his artistic abilities to draw golf course greens details and fairway layouts. Mastering the heavy equipment necessary came quickly.

“I approach each golf course as an artistic challenge and my philosophy is that the course must feed into the surrounding area as if the shape occurred naturally.”

“It is important that I understand the feel, the strategy and the perception that the architect and our team is seeking, then I can create the course.”

   When I first began building golf courses, I was complaining to an architect that I had invested so much time and energy in college learning to be an artist, just to end up driving a bulldozer. The architect looked at me and said, “You went to school to be an artist. What do you think this is?” That’s when I realized that I am an artist who works on a different kind of canvas.




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